A strategic consultancy specialising in holistic briefing for built environments.

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Our work starts at project inception, before (ante) design commences. Instead of designing architecture, we take strides (lope) towards your project goals by designing a tailored project briefing process focused to build clear and strong:

  • Leadership

  • Ownership

  • Purpose

  • Engagement

Through creative engagement with you and your people, we help develop your vision for a project, growing momentum, enthusiasm and ownership through our process. 

We then translate this vision into a tangible brief which informs the design of all aspects of the environment including the people, technology and built elements. We are your design advocate, working closely with the architects and project team throughout the process to ensure the final design aligns with your future needs.

We work on complex projects over a range of different scales, with clients who are looking to shift the way people live, learn, and work.




Antoinette Trimble founded Antelope consulting in 2015. Antoinette is an architect and strategic consultant with over 16 years of experience specialising in stakeholder engagement and strategic briefing for architectural projects, with a strong focus on flexible workplace and learning environments.

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