Antelope's offering is focused on the elements of the project that come before design. Our services help clients gain consensus on the high level project vision, engage effectively with their people, understand future needs and create functional requirements for the new environment. 

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got to the heart of the matter.... worked with all age groups in a respectful yet challenging way..
— Debra Kelliher, Former Principal, Kambala School
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  • Project definition, identification of opportunities and risks

  • Vision and concept development

  • Support for effective decision making for leadership teams

  • Advice on governance and project leadership and coaching


  • Engagement planning

  • Workshops, focus groups, surveys

  • Project communications and framing, including board/council advisory papers

  • Support on people transition


  • Development of high level area requirements (area schedule) to inform feasibility studies

  • Development of functional brief (including physical environment, technology, people and process) as a basis for commencing architectural design

  • Detailed briefing to inform detailed documentation and design requirements


  • Fitout zoning and stacking concepts

  • Design management and review (to check alignment to brief)

  • Functional review of furniture selection


  • Observation studies, surveys, analysis of existing data, performance assessment, pilot programs

  • Pre and Post-occupancy studies, measuring project success


Bespoke advisory on special areas of focus including: 

  • Site/campus masterplanning

  • Brief alignment/ design management

  • Transitional change and people planning


Antelope have challenged us to think about the way we currently work and what we want to change.
— Nathalie Hansen, Corporate Services GM, Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network